Don’t play with fire, Lokman warns PM’s lawyer

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Former Umno Supreme Council member Lokman Adam warned lawyer Rosli Dahlan not to “play with fire” after the latter lodged a police report against him yesterday.

Lokman told The Malaysian Insight Rosli should have followed his Facebook live audio carefully before accusing him of conspiring with two others to tarnish the lawyer’s image.

“What I can say is do not play with fire or do not poke the hornet’s nest. I have a lot of ammunition to use. Don’t make me use all at once,” Lokman said.

Rosli yesterday lodged a police report against Lokman and two others – Kuang assemblyman Sallehudin Amirudin and blogger Mohd Hanizam Yunus – for alleging he received billions of ringgit in kickbacks from Goldman Sachs in its 1MDB settlement.

In his report, Rosli said Lokman had accused him of getting 10% out of the RM17 billion Goldman Sachs settlement.

Lokman said he was not worried about the police report.

“There is so much misinformation and lies. He should have listened to the audio carefully and understood what I said.

“For example, I didn’t say he would become the attorney-general. I said he might as well be the AG since he is in the government circle. I know who would become the AG and it is not him.”

“Listen to what I said carefully, but since the report is lodged, I welcome it. We can spill the truth in court,” said Lokman.

Rosli, in his police report had also claimed that Lokman had accused him of wanting to replace Idris Harun as the AG and Idris himself was pressured to resign if Rosli was not appointed as Malaysia’s legal adviser in the Goldman Sachs settlement.

“The claim against me came from Lokman through his Facebook live video, where he accused me of becoming Muhyiddin’s riches sidekick at the moment,” Rosli said in his police report sighted by The Malaysian Insight.

“He accused me of making RM1.7 billion from the Goldman Sachs settlement and alleged the government appointed me as the legal counsel instead of appointing someone from the Attorney-General’s Chambers,” the lawyer said.

“He even accused the AG (Idris Harun) of being pressured to resign if I was not appointed as Malaysia’s legal adviser in the settlement.

Rosli said it was malicious to accuse him of receiving RM1.7 billion in kickbacks from the settlement. He also insisted he never paid Bersatu RM500 million as commission.

“I am the prime minister’s legal counsel and I have given my professional and honest service,” Rosli said in his report, which was lodged at the Kota Damansara police station yesterday.

He urged police to investigate the accusations thoroughly.

In June 2020, several months after Perikatan Nasional took over Putrajaya, Rosli was appointed as a director in government-linked investment company Permodalan Nasional Bhd.

In April last year, he donated RM150,000 to Muhyiddin’s Covid-19 relief fund.

Rosli also represented Bersatu a few weeks before the 14th general election where he succeeded to get leave as well as a stay on the de-registration of the party. – TMI