Duo targeted Merdekarya before landing in Crackhouse Comedy Club

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Couple used to hang out at Merdekarya and were a nuisance.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) played into troublemakers’ hands by suspending Crackhouse Comedy Club, Merdekarya founder Brian Gomez said.

“As such, we urge DBKL to reverse their suspension or change their name to the Department to Implement the Amy and Alex Sex Cult Plan,” said Gomez in a Facebook post today.

According to Gomez, the couple used to hang out at Merdekarya in 2015 but were a nuisance.

“It came to a point where one of our customers wanted to beat up Alex. As such, we told them to change or stay away from Merdekarya. They chose to leave.”

But Gomez said the man known as “Alex” returned to Merdekarya with his “wife”, Amy, recently and proposed to organise a sex workshop.


“They said that it would involve stand-up comedy and a performance by Alleycats. But being of sound mind and soul, Merdekarya rejected them as it is not a place for sex orgies.”

Gomez said that the duo left without paying their bills and later threatened to burn down Merdekarya.

“For five straight days, they sent death threats via WhatsApp and social media. They threatened to burn our store. Many of our customers also received the same threats.”

He said that Merdekarya lodged police reports and “Alex” was subsequently arrested and charged.

“He pleaded guilty and was released after paying a fine of RM100.

He said that the two also accused Merdekarya of conning Muslims into eating pork.

“What happened to Crackhouse Comedy Club could have also happened at Merdekarya as both venues have open mic nights.

“But the club did not know them as well as we did and hence could not have anticipated what they would do.

“What is clear is that these two are not comedians but are only using our venues to promote their sex orgy activities,” said Gomez.

DBKL ordered the club in Taman Tun Dr Ismail to temporarily shut down yesterday, following a controversial incident when a woman performing during an open mic session removed her outer clothing and hijab to reveal a mini skirt underneath.

Seth Akmal/TMI

Deputy Federal Territories Minister Jalaluddin Alias said the decision to close the club was to send a message that the ministry and DBKL would not tolerate behaviour disrespecting the sensitivities of religion, race or sovereignty.

Police subsequently detained the woman, who allegedly insulted Islam when she disrobed at the open mic show, in Taman Jaya, Jalan Gasing around 10pm last night. – TMI

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