Education minister warns stern action to curb extremism, racism in schools

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Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek today issued a stern warning that the government will not allow any sort of extremism and racism to infiltrate the country’s national education system.

She stressed that the Education Ministry will take serious action and cooperate with the police to curb incidents of racism and extremism in schools.

She said that the ministry wants to ensure that the students grow up in an inclusive and healthy environment and the focus will be on prioritising moral development as the student’s core values.

“We do not compromise on issues, just as we do not compromise on bullying, gangsterism and so on including the issue of racism and extremism.

“It is our responsibility to ensure children are safe in schools and so, if there are any racial or extremist threats, we will not hesitate to take serious action and we will surely work with the relevant authorities to curb racism and extremism from happening in schools,” she said in a special press conference at the ministry’s office here today.

She also said that the ministry will be working closely with the police to anticipate the rise of extremism and racism.

“We will not hesitate to take serious steps and certainly cooperate with the police to curb the symptoms of racism and extremism from continuing to occur in schools,” she added.

Shafwan Zaidon

Earlier today, Fadhlina held a special press conference to address the media, she was accompanied by the Deputy Education Minister Lim Hui Ying, Education director-general Datuk Pkharuddin Ghazali and Education secretary-general Datuk Yusran Shah Mohd Yusof.

Fadhlina also said her ministry will continue with the current education policies that are already in place.

She said at the same time, the ministry will carry out improvements to the delivery and implementation of the policies to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the country’s education system.

“I find there should be a few improvements in terms of the delivery process and the education service.

“The ministry’s aspirations are already quite clear; therefore, each matter that needs to be decided on will require thorough, prudent research and such a culture will be continued,” she said.