Emergency extension: Harakah, Ummah apologise for adding unsolicited NGOs to list

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PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily and NGO Ummah today issued an apology after they wrongly added the names of several organisations to a purported list of 440 groups that support extending the state of emergency.

In a statement, they claimed that it was a “confusion” and the names were mistakenly inserted unintentionally.

“Any NGOs which were mistakenly added to our list had been removed, and we apologise to the NGOs over our mistake, which happened unintentionally,” Harakah Daily editorial and Ummah said in their statement.


Earlier today, it was reported that several Islamic NGOs have denied that they consented to have their names added to the list, which called for the emergency to be extended for another eight months after Aug 1.

Among those who denied their support for the statement were Aid4Palestine, the Palestinian Cultural Organisation (PCOM), and Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM).

Harakah had explained that they only published Ummah’s press statement without any editing. They added that Ummah has rectified the statement.

The current state of emergency is slated to end on Aug 1.

The Conference of Rulers on Wednesday said it was their view that there was no need for the emergency to extend beyond that date. – Malaysiakini