Farhash: I’ve quit politics, Wan Fayhsal’s ‘malicious slander’ off the mark

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According to Wan Fayhsal, the individuals involved are supposedly a person known as ‘Datuk Botak’, and Farhash.

Ex-political aide Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak has hotly denied the claims of Bersatu Youth leader Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal, who claimed the former was one of two individuals who were responsible for attracting the support of opposition representatives to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

In an immediate riposte to Wan Fayshal’s claims, Farhash said in a press conference today that he had not been involved in politics for a while and was focusing on life as a businessperson.

“Wan Fayhsal has claimed that there are allegedly two individuals who are responsible for attracting the support of several opposition representatives for Anwar, either through bribes and/or threats.

“According to Wan Fayhsal, the individuals involved are supposedly a person known as ‘Datuk Botak’, and the prime minister’s former political secretary, which is me.

“First of all, I vehemently denounce and deny the untrue and baseless slanderous accusations levelled against me. I do not have any knowledge of the untrue and baseless claims by Wan Fayhsal,” said Farhash, adding that the accusation was made with malicious intent and without any direct evidence.

“Through Wan Fayhsal’s press conference, it is clear that I have been used as a political tool to spread false rumours for his own benefit. I have not been involved in the political scene for a long time and now only lead a life as a businessperson.

“I do not understand why brother Wan Fayhsal has hurled such slander against me with the intention of bringing down my reputation and honour for his political interests,” Farhash continued.

He said that due to the accusations thrown at him, he plans to make a police report so that further investigation and action can be taken by the police against Wan Fayhsal.

“I also reserve my right to file a defamation lawsuit against Wan Fayhsal,” he said.

Wan Fayhsal had also claimed that there were viral videos supporting his allegations.

“There is a video showing the identity of a ‘Datuk Botak’…who played a role in bribing and threatening opposition MPs to support the prime minister,” Wan Fayhsal said.

Datuk Botak’s identity has not been revealed for now.

Wan Fayhsal claimed that the videos can be seen through social media such as Facebook and TikTok.

“The video explains the role of the prime minister’s former political secretary Farhash in this matter.

“This video has also gone viral on Facebook and TikTok, and the MACC should be aware and take action because it is clear that the four Bersatu MPs have been pressured and threatened with action by the MACC if they refuse to give their support.

“This is clearly a misuse of power by the prime minister and a form of corruption and this act also insults the provisions of the Federal Constitution regarding the law of party jumping and contradicts democratic practices,” the Machang MP said.