Five more Bersatu MPs expected to support PM

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Many Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) members are no longer confident that the party can last until the 16th General Election.

A senior leader who did not want to be named claimed the situation cropped up following investigations and charges against several party leaders linked to the Jana Wibawa money laundering cases.

“They are not convinced that Bersatu can rise again from the effects of the charges for cases as big as Jana Wibawa and maybe, Bersatu may not even last until the next general election,” it said to Berita Harian.

Following the concern, the source believed five more Bersatu members of parliament (MPs) will soon declare their support for the unity government led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“It all depends on the roles played by those who are persuading to convince them to support the government,” it said.

It also claimed that the move to support the unity government does not only involve MPs.

“There are also state assemblymen. Division chiefs and those who hold positions in party wings are also waiting for the time to declare their support for the government.”

It said based on information received from division chiefs and other Bersatu members, many of their counterparts and some Bersatu leadership have begun charting the move to support the government.

Aizuddin Saad/NST

“It is just that now, the five persons mentioned will influence their other friends or party to try to restore their confidence.

” There is information that the total Bersatu MPs who will support the government is 11 people but I am confident nine and four have announced it, with five left,” it said.

Commenting further, the source was supportive of a blogger’s claim that the ‘price’ of each Bersatu elected representative was between RM4 million and RM6 million. “They are declaring this support on several factors. It is not only solely because of money, but money is one of their main motivations.

“Besides that, there are also possibilities of them wanting to protect themselves from being charged for any offences,” it said.

Asked on Perikatan Nasional claims that there were political brokers trying to ‘buy” MPs to support the government, the source said such a scenario would definitely happen and was strengthened with efforts by the prime minister himself who had written letters asking all MPs to support the government.

So far, four Bersatu MPs have declared their support for the unity government with some reasoning their move to ensure they secure government allocations meant for their constituents.

The move began with Kuala Kangsar MP Datuk Iskandar Dzukarnain Abdul Khalid, followed by Labuan MP Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman, Gua Musang MP Mohd Azizi Abu Naim and Jeli MP Zahari Kechik.

Following that, Bersatu will lodge a report with the police as well as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission soon on their leaders declaring support for the government.

This came after claims that there were possibilities of lucrative offers given to them that led them to state their support for Anwar’s government. – NST