From Checkmate to Stalemate in the Making

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National Scholastic Chess Championships 2017 tournament director Sophian A Yusof denies involvement in dress row.

  • Tournament director denies involvement
  • Never met the girl or saw the dress in person
  • Claims slander, false accusations and allegations

“Any accusations and allegations linking me to the player are false,” he said.

The “dress” uproar saw many Malaysians unleashing their indignation on Sophian A Yusof, calling for the tournament director to resign, and flooding his Facebook page with criticisms.

Speaking at a press conference today, Sophian alleged he is receiving death threats following the incident.

He claimed he did not meet the girl in person and saw the dress from a photo of the girl posted on social media. He also denied involvement in the conversation with the girl and her mother that led to the girl’s withdrawal from the tournament.

According to The Star, Sophian said he was not at the scene when the discussion about the “improper” dressing of the girl took place. He claimed he only knew of the situation from the arbiters’ report.

Sophian said according to the report, the arbiters had discussed among themselves and agreed that the girl’s dress was too short when she was in a seated position. Apparently, a female assistant arbiter advised the girl to change into a more appropriate outfit for the next round after the first game ended. The chief arbiter approached the girl when she still wore the same attire for the second game.

“The arbiters’ report stops here and I was not there during the conversation between the chief arbiters, player and the mother,” said Sophian.

He added he was surprised to learn that the girl had pulled out of the tournament.

Sophian said he had filed a report with the police and MCMC over the initial Facebook post by the girl’s coach, Kaushal Khandhar, whom he claimed “spun” the story of what actually happened. The post alleged that he had deemed the girl’s dress “seductive” and “a temptation from a certain angle, far, far away”.

“I am being slandered,” he said, denying using the word “seductive” to describe the girl’s dressing.

“Any accusations and allegations linking me to the player are false,” he said.

Sophian revealed that he is waiting for the chief arbiter, who is currently overseas, to provide a full account of the conversation that took place with the mother and player.

Coach Kaushal and the girl’s mother, Chin Wai Ling, have demanded a public apology.

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