Angry Chinese Female Driver Clamber Through Bus Window to Whack Driver

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A row over a car overtaking a bus erupted with the motorist climbing through the bus window and berating and clobbering the driver.

Chinese media reported that a bus driver got angry after a female driver tried to overtake him in her car, accusing her of brushing the side of his vehicle with her car.

What happened next was captured on video, which shows the irate woman stopping and climbing on her car bonnet.

She then clambers through a bus window and starts arguing and fighting with the bus driver!

Video footage, which has gone viral, shows the woman beating the bus driver, who responded with a few blows of his own.

Bus passengers managed to pull them apart and stop the brawl.

The incident, which happened in Chengdu in Sichuan province last Friday, was reported to the police but it is not known if anybody will be charged.