Gombak voters slam Azmin’s defence, say suit has nothing to do with Anwar

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Allegations over Anwar Ibrahim’s sexual misconduct and practice of nepotism in PKR is no defence for Azmin Ali to ditch Pakatan Harapan (PH) last year and form a new government with those he had previously accused of corruption.

Ten voters in Azmin’s Gombak constituency, who alleged that he had breached his fiduciary duties, said he had other means within the internal party structure of PKR to raise his complaints against Anwar.

“It is also no answer as to why the defendant (Azmin) caused the toppling of the then federal government and his subsequent act in colluding with individuals from Barisan Nasional who were credibly accused of corrupt practices,” they said in their response to Azmin’s defence filed last month.

The response, sighted by FMT, was filed by Messrs Yohendra Nadarajan in the Kuala Lumpur High Court last week. A case management would be held on March 13.

Azmin, who was Anwar’s deputy in PKR, said in his defence that “I will adduce evidence that has never come to public knowledge during the trial” when the suit is heard.


He added that his decision to leave the party was made after concluding that Anwar was not qualified to lead PKR nor become the next prime minister.

He cited a number of strong allegations made against Anwar about his sexual practices, which, according to Azmin, was immoral for a Muslim.

Azmin said two people, Mohammed Yusoff Rawther and Aidil Azim Abu Adam, had stated that they were victims of Anwar’s immoral acts.

“Allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against Anwar since he returned to lead PKR,” he added.

Anwar had denied the allegations of sexual misconduct, while Aidil Azim has since claimed that he was manipulated into making the allegations against Anwar.

Azmin also said Anwar had created differences among Pakatan Harapan leaders because he constantly pushed the leaders to make him the prime minister as soon as possible.

The voters, who filed the action in November, said as an MP, Azmin owed a fiduciary duty and was a trustee to his constituents.

“Azmin only owes a duty to all Malaysians as a Cabinet member but this proceeding does not concern that matter,” they said of Azmin, who is now international trade and industry minister.

The plaintiffs contended that Azmin left PKR and orchestrated the infamous Sheraton Move for his own gain and political advancement, not for the benefit of his constituents.

They said Azmin need not know his constituents individually for him to exercise the fiduciary duty because they voted for him based on the principle that an MP served all people in the seat.

The plaintiffs said the Sheraton Move brought no benefit to the Gombak constituency.

Azmin had also claimed in his defence that whatever representation he made in the election manifesto prior to the 14th general election (GE14) was not binding on him as it was merely a statement of intent and policy.

“If that is true, then it would mean that candidates for elections to Parliament are given a licence to lie and commit deceit during election campaigns,” they further said in their response.

The plaintiffs said they had believed Azmin was an honest man and that he would live up to his promises.

The plaintiffs said they were sadly disappointed by Azmin’s deceitful and unlawful conduct.

The 10 voters also want a declaration that Azmin had violated his oath of office to protect, preserve and defend the Federal Constitution. – FMT