Guan Eng: A-G’s statement on king reckless

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Idrus now showing his “true colours” by being accessory to the prime minister’s “political expediency”.

Attorney-General Idrus Harun should not forget he was appointed by the king according to the federal constitution and should not issue public statements that appear to “belittle” Agong’s powers, said Lim Guan Eng.

The DAP secretary-general said the attorney-general, by making statements that the king does not have the powers to convene Parliament and that it is the prerogative of the cabinet, is political recklessness that could trigger a constitutional crisis.

“By stressing that the king has no powers except to listen to the cabinet’s advice, Idrus is siding with the prime minister to ignore the king’s royal command, backed by state rulers, that Parliament be convened as soon as possible,” he said in a statement today.


Lim asked why the attorney-general was making the advice public now.

“Idrus did not publicise his views that the king should have listened to cabinet’s advice when the king rejected the first request by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and the cabinet last year to declare an emergency.”

“Idris’ public statement now clearly implies that the Agong was wrong to reject the cabinet’s request for a first emergency then, but there was no public statement from him.

“What is the reason then for Idris’ sudden boldness against the Agong and state rulers now?” asked Lim.

Lim said the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government must instead obey the king, state rulers and the people demanding for Parliament to be convened as soon as possible and that the emergency should not be extended beyond August 1.

The Bagan MP said the right decision now was for the federal government to heed the decree and swiftly convene Parliament.

“Such political recklessness can trigger a constitutional crisis, which Malaysia can ill-afford now when facing multiple crises.”

He was alluding to Idrus’ statement yesterday who said the king has no powers except to listen to the advice of the cabinet.

The former finance minister said Idrus’ statement was not only unprecedented, highly inappropriate and irresponsible, it also came from a “political attorney-general” willing to do the prime minister’s bidding to fulfil political expediency.

Lim said Idrus should drop the pretext that he is upholding the law in his advice when he is already under public scrutiny for his perceived abuse of powers in withholding action and selective prosecution of politicians supporting and opposed to the prime minister.

“There is no doubt that the PN government’s failure had caused the king to take the historic step to call up all leaders of political parties, including opposition leaders, for consultations.

“The king and state rulers have unequivocally stated that Parliament should be convened as soon as possible to discuss the global Covid-19 pandemic following the record rise in infections and death toll, the economic recession as well as the various ordinances issued under emergency powers.”