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Solicitor-general Ahmad Terrirudin is new AG

Replacing Idrus Harun. Today, Chief Secretary to the Government Mohd Zuki Ali announced that Ahmad Terrirudin has been appointed as the new attorney-general, effective September...

AGC to probe alleged leak

Leaked documents from a prosecutor recommending then AG Tommy Thomas to drop six of the corruption charges against Najib and Irwan. The Attorney General’s Chambers...

Ex-AG: Bar’s ‘no confidence’ vote against Idrus Harun unprecedented

'No confidence' vote by members of the legal profession against Idrus Harun 'unprecedented' in the nation’s history.

Idrus Harun to remain as AG for another 6 months

Idrus Harun has been reappointed as the AG for six months effective Monday (March 6).

AG told to explain Ismail Sabri’s instructions against Thomas

The constitutionality behind Ismail’s instructions to Idrus questioned. Attorney-General (AG) Idrus Harun must clarify whether he was instructed to take action against his predecessor Tommy...

Guan Eng demands Azam Baki, Idrus Harun resign over failure to...

A need for the posts of MACC chief and AG to be independent from the prime minister’s control to avoid them being used as a political weapon.

Guan Eng: Did PM green-light AGC meeting with Jho Low reps?

Lim Guan Eng has questioned if Ismail Sabri was aware of the meeting between the AGC and representatives of Jho Low.

Meeting Jho Low’s lawyers sends wrong message, Guan Eng tells Idrus

Lim Guan Eng has called on Idrus Harun to shed more light on the meeting between the AGC and Jho Low's lawyers.

AG: I’ve informed Mahathir on terms of settlement in Apandi’s suit

Idrus Harun said that he had already informed Mahathir of the terms of settlement pertaining to a lawsuit filed by Apandi.

AG’s contract extended for one year

The government has extended Attorney-General Idrus Harun’s contract for one year until March 6 next year.

PH calls for AG’s sacking for breach of confidentiality

Idrus Harun should be terminated with immediate effect for breach of confidentiality.

Guan Eng: A-G’s statement on king reckless

Idrus now showing his “true colours” by being accessory to the prime minister’s “political expediency”.

Mariam Mokhtar: The A-G Has Used the Past of Musa Aman...

The hidden messages behind Musa Aman’s acquittal.

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