Guan Eng: DAP lawmakers won’t be cowed into defecting

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DAP lawmakers will not be intimidated or lured by goodies to switch to the Perikatan Nasional government, said Lim Guan Eng.

The DAP secretary-general said it was tough for the party’s reps in the current political climate.

“I know it has not been easy for 42 DAP MPs who were elected in 2018, to still stick with DAP until today. It has not been easy to face such tactics, doesn’t matter in what form.

“However, as we are celebrating 55 years since the formation of DAP, I want to state here that we, all DAP representatives and grassroots members, will stay true to our idealism and principles.

“We will not sell the country’s dignity for money nor be intimidated,” Lim declared as he opened the DAP state convention this morning, which was livestreamed on social media.

He said this while addressing the recent spate of defections from Pakatan Harapan pact member PKR to become PN-friendly Independents.

Yesterday Xavier Jayakumar, who was PKR vice president, announced he was quitting the party, as he had grown extremely frustrated following the events of the past year with the opposition.

He said the opposition was pressing for elections when it should be helping the government combat the pandemic.

He is the third lawmaker to leave PKR in recent weeks after Julau MP Larry Sng and Tebrau MP Steven Choong, who left to back Muhyiddin as independent lawmakers.

So far, 14 PKR lawmakers have quit the party since the collapse of the PH government last year.

The Bagan MP said he had read the statement by PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution Ismail yesterday that Xavier was pressured into crossing over as he could not take the pressure and threats from Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission opened an investigation on his aides.

Lim said DAP’s MPs had remained loyal to the party.

However, he said there were some assemblymen who had switched loyalties.

Lim in his speech touched on talk that Umno was looking to work with the opposition at the next general election.

The Bagan MP said DAP will not work with “kleptocrats”, adding that PH must unite the opposition, including those outside the pact.

“We need the formula to win the 15th general election by uniting all Malaysians who are prepared to defend parliamentary democracy and stop PN turning Malaysia into a failed state.

“To fulfil this goal, the DAP maintains it won’t work with kleptocrats,” he told the Perak DAP convention in Ipoh today. – TMI