Guan Eng: DAP willing to work with Ismail’s govt on Covid-19 reset plan

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DAP is willing to set aside political differences and work with the federal government on a reset plan for Malaysia’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis, its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said today.

The Bagan MP said that Malaysia’s socio-economic recuperation needs the whole of society to be involved.

“DAP is willing to look to the future and take the difficult step to work with the new government of Prime Minister Ismail Sabri by adopting a National Covid-19 Reset Plan and an RM45 billion Economic Turnaround Plan to normalise our country and economy.


“This normalisation plan will enable us to carry on with our lives, to work to earn a living, carry on with our business, go back to school and inspire hope amongst the young that they can aspire to realize their full potential instead of a future blighted by total lockdown and relying on food parcels,” he said in a statement.

He hoped the reset plan can be expedited in light of the high daily Covid-19 cases.

“The RM45 billion Economic Turnaround Plan must focus on direct, regular financial aid and injection of funds instead of the orthodox ‘one-off’ approach and indirect assistance of loans and guarantees,” the former finance minister added.

But Lim also said the DAP’s willingness to work with the new government should not be mistaken as a unity government.

He said the DAP is still an Opposition party and will perform its constitutional duty to check and balance the government.

“We are willing to work together if we can achieve institutional reforms, especially the constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds majority to enact an Anti-Hopping Law,” he said. – MMO