Guan Eng slams Chow’s ‘unfounded’ topple Penang CM claim

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DAP national chairperson Lim Guan Eng has criticised Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow for throwing unfounded accusations that will cause confusion amongst the public.

Not only that, Lim said Chow’s sudden and surprising allegations of a plot to topple him (Chow) will also detract from the focus of the state government.

In a statement today, the former Penang chief minister said to date, Chow has not been able to furnish any proof of a plot by DAP members to topple him.

“There has been no evidence of any party leaders and members in Penang that are involved in any effort to overthrow Chow as Penang chief minister.

“Such unfounded allegations will only cause confusion amongst the public and detract focus from implementing a governance that is competent, accountable and transparent.

“Should Chow have any proof, then he should furnish such evidence to DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke so that the party can handle it internally in a decisive manner,” said Lim.

However, since Loke already publicly dismissed Chow’s allegations yesterday, Lim said this should put to rest wild speculation “that began with Chow’s sudden and surprising allegations of a plot to topple him”.

Prior to the state election campaign in July, speculation was rife that there were internal efforts to replace Chow as DAP’s candidate for chief minister.

However, the party leadership ultimately endorsed Chow to return to office.

During an event last Saturday, Chow has called for an end to an alleged movement to topple him.

Chow told the audience that prior to the state election, there were various speculations of a “倒曹” (dao cao – topple Chow) movement.

He said this raised concerns about whether he would return to office despite publicly announcing that he intended to serve a second term as chief minister.

However, the Penang DAP chief said he had overcome his challenges and hoped that those within and outside the party would no longer seek to “dao cao” but to “hui cao” (return to Chow) instead.

Following that, former state DAP deputy chairman Dr P Ramasamy told Chow to name the person/s behind the latest attempt to oust him.

Ramasamy said he was unsure whether Chow strongly believed there was an attempt to topple him, or it was an attempt to divert attention from the current land sale imbroglio the state government is facing.

In responding to Chow yesterday, Loke reiterated that there is no plan to replace the Penang chief minister.

“No issue of (Penang) chief minister. I don’t know if there is an issue.

“There is no decision to replace the chief minister,” said the transport minister.