Guan Eng suing Tajuddin over ‘Chinese temple’ remark

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Lim Guan Eng is suing Tajuddin Abdul Rahman for defamation after Tajuddin said he had turned the finance ministry into a “Chinese temple” when he was the finance minister.

Lim told FMT that anyone who had visited his office when he was the finance minister would know Tajuddin’s claim was not true.

“I had never even touched the Quranic verse in the finance ministry. So that’s not a problem.

“Why complain about lanterns? What’s wrong with lanterns during Chinese New Year? After Chinese New Year, they were taken down,” he said.

Lim told Umno’s former Pasir Salak MP not to use race or religion to woo voters for the general election or tarnish the reputation of the opposition.

“We should talk about the people’s interests, the economy, our future, the weak ringgit. Don’t use race and religion,” he said.

The DAP chairman said the details of his suit will be revealed by his lawyers.

During a forum last week, Tajuddin claimed Lim had sidelined the Malays when he was the finance minister, alleging that he had also “transformed” the ministry into a Chinese temple. – FMT