Guan Eng to PN: PH still won state elections by popular vote

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DAP national chairperson Lim Guan Eng has reminded Perikatan Nasional that the Pakatan Harapan-BN coalition still has the popular vote in last month’s elections in six states.

In his opening speech at the DAP national congress today, Lim said that he was confident that PN would claim that it did not lose in yesterday’s by-elections in Johor as the opposition’s vote share increased.

“I would like to remind PN that they also said during the state elections that it was the rakyat’s referendum towards the prime minister (Anwar Ibrahim).

“But Harapan-BN (coalition) still won with a popular vote of 49.5 percent compared to PN’s 49.3 percent.

“The essence of it is that Malaysians are rejecting PN and we have to take yesterday’s win in Johor as a guideline to win back (seats) in PN areas.

“We will not follow dirty politics that play into racial sentiments and extremism,” he said at the event held in Putrajaya.

Lim added that slanderous politics, inciting hatred, and threats only divide the nation and bring no benefit to the people.

Amanah’s Suhaizan Kaiat won the Pulai parliamentary by-election yesterday with 48,283 votes, compared to PN’s Zulkifli Jaafar, who garnered 29,642 votes.

Zulkifly, however, reportedly relished in reducing Harapan’s winning majority in the seat.

“We lost but with dignity. The difference in votes before was very great, this time we have reduced the difference by more than 10,000 votes. We tried our best,” he was quoted saying by Free Malaysia Today.

PN’s vote share saw a 43.4 percent increase compared to the 15th general election in November 2022.

Meanwhile, PN won 10,330 votes in Simpang Jeram, which was a 62.7 percent increase when compared to the Johor legislative assembly election in March 2022.

Notably, the actual number of voters that backed PN also increased by almost 9,000. – Malaysiakini