Hadi goes ballistic again, claims DAP targeting ignorant Muslims

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In his latest vitriol against DAP, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has accused it of targeting Malays who are “ignorant about their faith” to amass political power.

He also claimed DAP lured certain Malay figures to become its “puppets”.

Citing numerous historical events, Hadi argued that PAS’ actions are based on the events which transpired during the time of Prophet Muhammad, including the latter’s relationship with the Jews.

The PAS chief also castigated PKR and Amanah for cooperating with DAP, which he accused of behaving in an “anti-Islamic manner”.

According to Hadi, Perikatan Nasional regarded PKR and Amanah as “silent demons” who act as free spokespersons for DAP.

“After its ‘race’ gained economic control, DAP is now plotting to obtain political power through elections by fielding candidates in Malay areas and (fielding) Malay candidates who are liberal, secular, opportunistic and ignorant about religion.

“Furthermore, there are Malays who are enticed to become their puppet government leaders,” he said in a statement.

Although Hadi did not mention the race, it was an obvious reference to Chinese Malaysians, who make up the bulk of DAP’s membership.

The Marang MP’s latest remarks come in the wake of his earlier allegation that non-Malays are the “biggest plunderers” in Malaysia, which sparked a backlash.

On Umno, which celebrated its 77th anniversary yesterday, Hadi said PAS rejected the party because some of its leaders have abandoned their struggle “solely for the pursuit of positions, wealth and personal interests”.

At the same time, Hadi said PAS is open to accepting non-Muslims who do not reject Islamic principles, and this was evidenced by the existence of the PAS Supporters’ Assembly (DHPP).

“PAS has never violated the terms of cooperation because such actions are mandated by Islam,” he added.

In the last general election, PAS emerged as the biggest winner with 49 parliamentary seats – followed by DAP with 40.

Over the past two decades, both parties had been allies twice despite their opposing ideologies but have been bitter foes since the Pakatan Rakyat coalition fell apart in 2015. – Malaysiakini