Hulu Langat MP slammed for posting ski resort photo when his constituency was flooded

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Malaysians are criticising Datuk Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus after he shared a picture of his mountain trip on his Facebook account while floods have hit his constituency.

The Hulu Langat MP MP from Parti Amanah Negara has been trying hard to explain himself online, but the criticism continues in the comments on his social media page.

On Saturday (Dec 18), Hasanuddin shared a picture of himself garbed in winter clothing at the top of Tochal Iran, a ski resort on the Alborz mountain range in Iran, over 1.5km above sea level.

It triggered many bad reactions almost instantly, with comments such as: “Wrong post at the wrong time, YB;” “We are flooded here in Hulu Langat, YB;” “Aduh…why so insensitive? Look at the situation in the country before posting.”

Hasanuddin has since taken down the picture of him on the mountain and replaced it with pictures of him meeting dignitaries in Iran.

He explained that his working trip was planned earlier, and he had been trying to get on a flight to come home after many parts of his constituency were flooded.

Hasanuddin has said that the team in his constituency service centre was hard at work helping flood victims and he was in constant contact with authorities. – The Star