Ibrahim Ali Steps Down As Perkasa Head

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Ibrahim Ali has resigned as the president of Perkasa, a Malay rights pressure group which he founded and led since 2008.

Perkasa deputy president Ruhanie Ahmad said Ibrahim quit because he was disappointed that Malays did not appreciate the struggle for “Agama, bangsa dan tanah air” (“Abata” or religion, race and motherland).

He denied suggestions that Ibrahim was trying to lobby for a new political position.

“No way! No lobbying for positions. This is purely due to his disappointment. Malays don’t appreciate the struggle,” he said.

According to Ruhanie, the resignation letter was submitted to the Perkasa headquarters, at about 10am on May 15.

Ruhanie has been appointed the acting president, while the group’s supreme council members convince Ibrahim to reconsider his decision.

“He (Ibrahim) needs time, we give him time, give him a chance to calm down and reconsider, because Perkasa is synonym with Ibrahim Ali.

“We appreciate his commitment, vision and focus, towards the struggle for race and religion. We have rejected his resignation and plead with him to return,” said Ruhanie.

He conceded that the outcome of the 14th general election, which saw Pakatan Harapan achieve a colossal victory, has “challenged” Perkasa, which now needs to be more aggressive in championing the rights of the bumiputera.

“We respect the democratic rights of Malaysians to replace BN with Harapan and congratulate Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) for returning to lead the country for the second time.

“Taking into account the current national political scenario, Perkasa needs to be more vocal, and aggressive to champion the race, religion and country.” – Malaysiakini