IGP claims cartel within police force out to topple him

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Inspector General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador has claimed to be the target of an internal plot to take him down, Sinar Harian reported today.

The top cop said a group of young officers are behind the plot and they are also seeking to gain more control and power over the force.

“There are attempts to humiliate and topple me,” Hamid said on the Sinar Live programme hosted by Johan Jaaffar.

“There are young officers who will meet and talk…and act in such a manner. They talk about how they and their partners can rise in rank to do certain things.”


“I would like to advise them to please stop their outrageous acts. (They) must realise that the police force does not belong to anybody, it is not our playground.”

He admitted he was disturbed by their attacks and hoped they would stop.

“I ask them to please repent now. When they reach the age of 60, I fear they will have no chance to repent. When we leave the force, we will no longer enjoy the protection of the blue uniform.

“We will be in civilian clothing. Nobody will be afraid of us then. At that point, I hope you will not have regrets.”

Hamid spoke about the group after he was asked about the existence of corrupt cops.

Since taking charge of the force, Hamid has worked to weed out corruption in the force.

Hamid, 62, was appointed IGP in May 2019. His contract ends May 3. – TMI