IGP: I Know Where Indira’s Daughter Is

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The police have information on the whereabouts of Muhammad Ridhuan Abdullah, the ex-husband of kindergarten teacher M Indira Gandhi, who has been missing with their daughter for the past 11 years.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said the police knew where he was and urged him to come forward.

“People don’t know where she is. I know where she is, that’s why an initiative is ongoing to negotiate (on the case).

“Let’s resolve this, so that she can stay in this country and receive an education.

Nazir Sufari/TMI

“There’s no need to hide, come forward,” he told Ridhuan.

Hamid said they were working on arranging a meeting between the two parents and resolving the problem as they both have rights according to the law.

He stressed that it was more important that the welfare of the child, Prasana Diksa, who was 11 months old when Ridhuan took her away 10 years ago, was ensured.

Faisal Asyraf/Malaysiakini

He said he was also concerned about the emotions of the mother, who has not seen her daughter for so long, adding that “I understand that”.

It was reported on Monday that Indira was suing Hamid for RM100 million, claiming that he failed to locate and return her daughter Prasana Diksa, who is with her ex-husband.

Hamid said that it was Indira’s right to take legal action against him, adding that he would remain focused on his duty.

“I chose to take a discrete approach, but I’m doing my job. I cannot say that (I will get him back) in one month or two months, so just be patient,” he said.

Indira’s lawyers censured Hamid for his remarks at a press conference on Tuesday that he is working on a “happy ending” for both Indira and Ridhuan.

They questioned why Hamid was looking for a “win-win solution”, saying there was already a Federal Court order requiring the IGP and the police to arrest Ridhuan and return Prasana to the mother.

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