Independent movement KamiMalaysia sets out nine demands for reforms

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Independent organisation, KamiMalaysia, has called for excessive politicking to stop and for all political parties to observe a one-year political moratorium amid a worrying Covid-19 situation.

The movement, which comprises some 42 supporters from non-governmental organisations, non-political key opinion leaders, and even ordinary Malaysians, has expressed its concern over the country’s current political, economic, health and welfare situation.

Positioning itself as a movement calling for a political reset in the country, among other reforms, the group also presented a set of nine demands, including calling for a ceasefire among political parties and for politicians to uphold integrity in all aspects of national governance.

Yusof Mat Isa

“KamiMalaysia demands that all political parties observe a one-year political moratorium during which they refrain from polemising political issues, parties, leadership, and elections as long as the pandemic is not adequately managed to a safer level.

“KamiMalaysia demands that the integrity and effectiveness of national institutions such as Parliament and the judiciary, security, anti-corruption, and the Council of Rulers be safeguarded and respected as effective checks and balances for the formulation and implementation of impartial and independent policies,” said Datuk M Nizam Mahshar who read the group’s statement during a press conference today.

M Nizam, along with academic Datuk A Murad Merican, social justice advocate Chee Yoke Ling, Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM) president Meenakshi Raman and farmers’ rights advocate Nurfitri Amir Muhammad Affendi, were among the key speakers during KamiMalaysia’s first press conference today.

Other demands included the establishment of an independent Special Emergency Council for National Rehabilitation composed entirely of professionals, technocrats, and academics, among other non-political figures to ensure the country is on the right path of recovery from the pandemic.

The movement also called for all government efforts and initiatives to be founded on the fundamental principles of integrity, transparency, and effective service delivery to the rakyat.

The group said it hopes Malaysians will embrace a new political realignment that does not cater to the current “archaic” political leadership and instead work towards a consensus and mutually agreed short-, medium- and long-term agendas for the nation’s renewal. – MMO