Justice for Nhaveen Signature Campaign

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Over 30,000 signatures support petition to PM, Penang CM, AG Chambers, UN and Human Rights Campaign.


A signature campaign calling for swift justice for T Nhaveen, who died after a heinous assault by five teenagers, has quickly gained traction, garnering over 30,000 supporters since it was started on Wednesday.

Apart from within the country, signatures came from Singapore, India, South Korea and even as far as the US.

The petition titled ‘Justice for T Nhaveen and for All Bullied Victims’, is addressed to the Prime Minister, Penang Chief Minister, Attorney-General’s Chambers, United Nations, and Human Rights Campaign.

The overwhelming response shows that people want to see justice being served for Nhaveen and other victims of bullies.

The website Change.org, which acts as a platform for online petitions, set the target of 25,000 signatures, which already has been surpassed.

The petition was initiated by Mukhesh Ravi, a computer engineering student from Ipoh, who also runs a video blog on YouTube called I.Am.Cash.

The signature campaign for Nhaveen can be accessed at: Justice For T Nhaveen And For All Bullied Victims.

“Enough is enough…it has gone too far. Too many lives have been lost, with the latest being Nhaveen.

“Everyone should play his part to put a stop to bullying. It is time for all of us to step up against bullies. We cannot be risking more lives,” Mukhesh said to the New Sunday Times.

He said he had always wanted to do something to stop bullying after seeing some of his schoolmates being picked on at school.

“Those days, bullying was not severe, but it was still bad. Now, things seem to have gone out of control, said Mukhesh.

Aline Lazarre, from Miami, signed the petition because she was against bullying.

“I think bullies should be punished for such behaviour as what happened to Nhaveen.”

Grace Chin, from Johor Baru, said bullying had always existed, but “we turned a blind eye to it, accepting it as one of those things” that happen.

“Well, no more. Not when our youth resort to violence and even kill as they revel in the power they have over their victims.”

Nhaveen’s death on Thursday had moved many people, as seen on the grieving faces of the 1,000-strong mourners who turned up to bid him an emotional and grand farewell on Friday.

KE Ooi/Malay Mail