K-Pop Star Goo Hara’s Death: No Element of Foul Play

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The Seoul Police Department has concluded there is no foul play in the death of K-pop star Goo Hara.


The former member of girl group Kara was found dead at her home in southern Seoul yesterday. She was 28.

During a press conference today, the police confirmed that Goo was last seen arriving home alone after midnight yesterday and a check of CCTV cameras showed no one visited her after that.

“After an on-site investigation and testimonies from family and friends, it seems that there are no criminal charges currently,” a spokesman has been quoted as saying by various news outlets.

“CCTV shows that Goo arrived home at 12:35am on the 24th. Her time of death is estimated to be after that.”

Prosecutors will decide whether to proceed with an autopsy once they have examined the on-site investigation report together with her family, he continued.

The police also revealed today that Goo’s body was found by her housekeeper last evening.

The housekeeper, whom the police have not named, is known to have been close to Goo and decided to check on her when efforts to reach her failed.

“The housekeeper found Goo Hara passed away at her house on November 24 around 6pm KST,” the spokesman added.

The police confirmed earlier reports that a handwritten note was found in Goo’s house after her death.

Police officials said the memo revealed negative thoughts about Goo herself.

“A pessimistic note about her life written in Hara’s handwriting was discovered on the table in the living room,” police said.

“The note was very short and found on the living room table.”

In May, Goo was hospitalised after a failed suicide attempt, following a public row with a former boyfriend, hairdresser Choi Jong-bum.

Her death comes a month after Sulli – another K-pop star and Goo’s close friend – took her own life after a long struggle with online bullying.

Goo had also spoken out against cyberbullying. In June, she said it was difficult to overcome depression and pleaded for positive comment on social media.