Kampar MP apologises for causing a commotion during Perak DAP state election

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DAP’s Kampar MP Thomas Su today extended an apology for causing a commotion during the Perak DAP state election on Sunday.

Su said he took responsibility for the incident and that his action did not reflect the manner in which DAP would fight its struggles.

“I recognise that my above-said actions have tarnished my party’s reputation and my own public image, and I hereby do unreservedly express my regret and apologies.

Ronnie Chin/The Star

“I do take responsibility for the said incident,” he said in a statement.

On that day, the camp of DAP vice-chairperson M Kulasegaran and his running-mate Su accused the committee handling the election of still calling for delegates to attend the convention, even after registration had closed.

The camp’s supporters were heard shouting “phantom votes” during a commotion while the election was underway after several delegates were seen wearing handwritten name tags as opposed to the computer-generated identification.

The party’s national organising secretary Anthony Loke had dismissed the “phantom voters” claim and stressed that the allegation was baseless.

While DAP Youth deputy chief Chiong Yoke Kong – who was assigned by the national leadership to oversee the state party election – explained that handwritten name tags were used to replace the wrongly printed ones.

Despite extending his apology, Su implored the central executive committee to look into his complaints of what has transpired.

“At about 12.30pm, when I was at the convention and while the meeting was already in progress, I came to know that the registration of delegates was still ongoing.

“I then made enquiries and discovered that the attendance list was used by a certain group of people and individuals to call and bring in more delegates even when the meeting was already in progress, which I felt was improper,” he said.

Su then objected to the action and requested it to be ceased or that he should also be allowed access to the said register roll list.

“However, my objections were not heeded, in which I felt were against the fundamental beliefs of DAP which had prided itself in fighting for transparency, accountability and democracy.

“Against my better judgment, I then lost my composure and raised my voice, which triggered a war of words between members that snowballed into the incident as reported by the media,” he said.

Kulasegaran and Su were challenging cousins Nga Kor Ming and Ngeh Khoo Ham for the Perak DAP leadership.

However, the Nga-Ngeh camp made a clean sweep in the polls, with Kulasegaran and Su trailing far behind. – Malaysiakini