Kelantan RTD: Woman who threw garbage off bridge has seven days to explain herself

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The woman, who was caught on camera throwing garbage from her car in Tanah Merah recently, will be called for questioning by the state Road Transport Department.

Kelantan RTD director Hanif Yusabra Yusuf said the department had issued an investigation notice to the woman yesterday, ordering her to present herself at any RTD’s office.

He said the woman was given seven days from the date of the notice to give her statement.

“She must come to RTD office to have her statement recorded so an investigation can be done,” he said.

Hanif said the woman’s act of throwing rubbish out of a vehicle into a river in the state had caught the attention of many people, and the video of her actions had since gone viral on social media.

Her act violated Rule 52 of the Road Transport Rules 1959 and the perpetrator can be prosecuted under Section 119 (2) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for dumping garbage from a motor vehicle.

Perpetrators who repeat the offence will face a fine of up to RM4,000 or imprisonment of not more than two months or both.

The viral video of the woman has since angered many netizens.

A Facebook post in the page Kelantan Daily with an uploaded screenshot from an individual known as Azhar Zamiri, however, claimed the family of the woman had gotten in touch with him to explain the situation.

According to the message, what was thrown away by the woman was not actually garbage but a “saka”.

In Islam, “saka” is recognised as a jinn, demon or supernatural entity owned by an individual, which can be inherited.

The woman had claimed that she and her family had just come back from traditional treatment in Kuala Krai and it was by the orders of their healer that they must discard the “saka” in a flowing river.

The woman is said to have apologised for her actions and pleaded to the public to stop spreading the video. – NST