Lawyer: New MB Onn Hafiz still has to test his majority

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Newly appointed Johor Menteri Besar Onn Hafiz Ghazi’s position can only be challenged through the legislative assembly, said lawyer Azam Aziz.

Taking to Facebook, Azam said Onn Hafiz’s appointment was lawful and voters do not have a say on the matter anymore.

“The voters only choose the party that will form the government. (Their role) ends there.

“When a government is formed…the next step involves the ruler choosing a menteri besar.

“The ruler has only one condition – the person the ruler chooses must be a lawmaker, and in his opinion, commands the support of the majority among the legislative assemblypersons,” said Azam.

Therefore, in the case of Johor, Azam said the ruler was convinced Onn Hafiz commanded majority support.

“The Johor legislative assemblypersons can vote against Onn after this and if that happens, then Onn will need to relinquish his title and the ruler will have to appoint a new menteri besar.

“The question is whether the Johor assemblypersons are brave enough to vote against Onn. That is another issue because a vote of no confidence against Onn will be read as disagreement with the ruler,” wrote Azam.

Nur Aisyah Mazalan/NST

Onn Hafiz, 44, was never in contention for the top job during BN’s campaign for the Johor election last Saturday.

Instead, BN pledged to nominate Hasni Mohammad, 62, for the job for a second term.

Onn Hafiz was eventually sworn in today. BN and Umno have not officially addressed the matter. – Malaysiakini