MACC source: Enough evidence for charges over bribes to Marang voters

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The MACC has sufficient evidence to bring charges against an alleged PAS member, who was caught on video handing out cash to voters in Marang, Terengganu – during the last general election.

According to sources close to the case, investigators have concluded interviews with witnesses of the incident and would be proposing corruption charges to prosecutors soon.

They are working out one last part before wrapping up the probe, said a senior MACC official, which involves a formal request to obtain some official documents from the Election Commission (EC).

“MACC would need to get voter registration documents from the EC, which we need to apply through court.

“Once we get the documents and record several more statements, then the investigation paper will be sent back to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) for their decision.

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“MACC will propose to the AGC to press bribery charges against the individual who gave the cash (to voters),” said the high-ranking source, who spoke to Malaysiakini on condition of anonymity.

According to MACC insiders, investigators have questioned scores of witnesses, including some 90 voters who had purportedly collected payment from PAS for voting.

From their probe, the investigating officers were said to have found a clear element of corruption in the incident.

“There are elements of corruption, like what could clearly be seen from the viral videos,” said a source.

Despite the alleged party association and constituency, Malaysiakini was made to understand that the charges and probe had focused solely on the person who allegedly handed out bribes, and not Marang MP – Abdul Hadi Awang.

After the conclusion of GE15 in November, allegations surfaced on social media that PAS had given money to voters.

In one of the viral videos, several individuals were heard taking oaths before an alleged PAS member, saying that they had voted for the party before they were purportedly handed cash.

Another viral video showed people waiting in front of a building to purportedly collect payment from PAS for voting.

However, PAS election director Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor quickly denied this, claiming that it was just a ploy by rivals to smear PAS’s reputation and that the Islamic party does not have the funds to pay voters.

Last month, Malaysiakini reported that MACC investigators have identified up to 90 individuals who had allegedly received cash handouts in Terengganu to vote for a party.

The agency reportedly managed to identify recipients of the cash from documents they seized during the probe.

These documents include those that the recipients had to sign when they wanted to collect the money, on top of having to take an oath.

The alleged vote buying is the subject of an election petition to void the results of the Marang polls.

Hadi’s preliminary objection to the petition had been dismissed by the election court. – Malaysiakini