Malacca PKR Reps Deny Sabotage Claim

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Duo alleges problem lies with Malacca PKR leadership, who had never invited them for discussions.

In a video published by China Press, Rembia assemblyperson Muhammad Jailani Khamis said they were frustrated with the state PKR leadership whom he alleged of having sidelined him and Ginie Lim (Machap Jaya) from any discussion, especially over state appointments.

He said their decision to walk out of the assembly was because they did not want to go against the motion but left it to the assembly to decide.

“We were not against it, but we want to let the assembly to decide. (So) we decided to leave, no intention to humiliate the state government,” Jailani said.

He also denied that they were acting against the state government’s leadership under chief minister Adly Zahari, and not that they were planning a backdoor government.

“Yesterday’s incident did not have anything to do with any attempt to form a backdoor state government, nor are we were trying to deny the government’s motion. That was not our intention,” he told the media at the side of the Malacca state assembly session today.

“The problem lies with the Malacca PKR leadership, who had never invited us for discussions. And this is not the first time,” said Jailani.

“This had been going on for a while, from appointments of local council members up to this incident.”

Jailani lamented that they were not only state exco members, but party representatives.

“We are supposed to be included in discussions and asked for our opinions, but today’s state PKR leadership practices cronyism and nepotism, which we had been fighting against in elections.”

Jailani also suggested that party president Anwar Ibrahim should replace the state PKR chief Halim Bachik with his predecessor, Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin, who is also Bukit Katil MP.

He claimed that Shamsul was more professional and a better leader than Halim.

Meanwhile, Lim apologised for leaving the sitting yesterday.

She said she had already explained things to the Chief Minister Adly Zahari and had received a call from Anwar this afternoon and explained to him the reason for her walk-out.

“His (Anwar’s) view is that this should not happen. I have explained that we were forced to take such an action because we had our own reasons. He (Anwar) said we will discuss this when we meet,” Lim said.

She added that Anwar will next arrange a time for them to meet, adding that she and Jailani were in full support of Adly’s leadership but had different views on senator appointments.


“This has no connection to factions in the party. We hope that the Malacca PKR leadership can be more transparent when discussing the choice of senators,” said Lim.

Meanwhile, state PKR communications chief G Rajendran claimed that the issue of appointing a senator was never discussed in the state party meetings.

“I have never skipped state PKR meetings. As far as I know, the issue of appointing a senator was never discussed. This might be the decision of the state party chairperson himself,” he told Malaysiakini.

A staunch supporter of Anwar and PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli, Rajendran said the current crisis in Malacca PKR was not related to factionalism between Anwar and his deputy Azmin Ali.

He alleged that the problem had been caused by discrimination and nepotism by the state leadership.

“For example, Halim himself holds positions in two state government-linked companies and was appointed as the Tanjung Bidara assemblyperson coordinator. Now his name is being put in to be a senator. This has created unease to many parties at the state level,” Rajendran said.


“Maybe the central party leadership was not given the real picture of what is happening in the state,” he added.

Rajendran also called for Anwar to get involved and solve the issues. – Malaysiakini