Malaysians slam censorship board over underwear ad ruling

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Malaysians on social media slammed the Film Censorship Board (LPF) for reprimanding two local broadcasters for displaying undergarments on their home shopping shows.


LPF had said that the display of such items, even if a model is not involved, is indecent and offensive and goes against its guidelines and code of conduct.

In a notice dated September 3, LPF said that while the ministry is of the view that although the advertisement does not show undergarments worn live by a model and do not involve any indecent visual displays, advertising undergarments will still offend the community because of sensitivities related to race, religion, gender, and age.

It added that the preservation of manners, decency, and awareness of the sensitivities of a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society in Malaysia was of utmost importance

LPF confirmed that both broadcasters have complied with its directives and removed the offending segments.

Malaysians, however, took the LPF to task and questioned its rationale for the censorship.

“What next – no mannequins allowed in La Senza windows? No La Senza at all? Talk about a slippery slope lubed up with zealous stupidity,” said @calmaglar.

“During the pandemic and in the age of ecommerce, why would underwear be indecent to sell on TV? It’s just an item of clothing that we all need? You can sell ubat kuat but not underwear?” said @ladymissazira.

@Hopeily said just because one person holds a perverted view of undergarments does not mean that everyone else does.

@sitikasim tweeted “Taliban in the air and everywhere!! They get offended by underwears!”. – TMI