Mat Sabu Fears Malay Supremacy Leading Country down Slippery Racist Slope

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Malay supremacy, if left unchecked, will lead to Malaysia becoming just like the US, which is now facing problems caused by the white supremacists, said Amanah president Mohamed Sabu today.

He warned that Malaysia was heading down a slippery slope of racism, and if left unchecked, will be just like the US within a century.

“There are the same dangers when talking about Malay supremacy. We need to push up an agenda of authoritative Malays, pious Malays and Malays with integrity, not the Malay supremacy.

“It is like white supremacy. We don’t see the dangers now because it is in its infancy but give it a 100 years like the US, we will see white supremacy, which has spread to the world,” Mohamad said when debating the royal address.

The Kota Raja MP was relating to the death of black man George Floyd during his arrest by white police officers. The incident sparked worldwide protests spearheaded by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mohamad, better known as Mat Sabu, added US leaders were actually propagating instead of quelling racism.

“The leaders themselves fan flames of racism until it leads to chaos in the whole of America. Even though it’s a pandemic, the people are going out to protest,” he said.

The former defence minister’s comments sparked a shouting match in Parliament when several MPs accused him of insulting the Malay race.

Umno’s Noh Omar shouted at Mat Sabu for likening Malays to corruption and white supremacy.

“Who is corrupted here? Do you have evidence? Don’t be so general. You are a Malay, don’t insult the Malays.

“We must have our pride. Don’t insult our race,” said the Tanjung Karang MP.

Mat Sabu denied insulting Malays, adding that people should not support corrupt Malays. – TMI