MCA lodges police report after Teo Nie Ching says Wee Ka Siong worthy of an Oscar

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Teo had described an aborted debate as being “self-written, directed and acted” by Wee.

An MCA leader has lodged a police report after DAP’s Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching mocked his party president Wee Ka Siong.

This was over an aborted debate between MCA and DAP, which Teo had described as being “self-written, directed and acted” by Wee.

Wee had on Feb 25 challenged Teo to a debate on Chinese education issues, which she promptly accepted. However, the MCA president later said he wanted to debate with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng instead.

After booking a debate venue in Johor Bahru and circulating promotional material about a debate between Wee and Lim, even though Lim had never agreed to debate with Wee, MCA later announced the event won’t proceed as it failed to secure police approval.

Nevertheless, Teo turned up at the debate venue yesterday, during which DAP members and supporters unfurled banners mocking Wee outside the empty hall.

The DAP lawmaker claimed Wee never intended to debate, to begin with when he issued the challenge and she added that he was deserving of the ‘Best Screenplay’ award at the Oscars.

Teo’s comments were reported in the Chinese press, which Pasir Gudang MCA public complaints and services bureau deputy chief Ang Tun Chek used to lodge a police report against Teo.

In the police report sighted by Malaysiakini, Ang referred to a 30-minute video of Teo at the venue and an Oriental Daily report on MCA “cancelling” the debate.

“I, representing MCA members, am making this police report to deny the untrue posting and video involving Teo Nie Ching and want police to take further action,” he said.

The report was lodged at the Seri Alam district police headquarters yesterday evening.

The tit-for-tat between MCA and DAP comes amid campaigning for the Johor state election.

Campaigning for the Johor polls kicked off on Feb 26. Johoreans will go to the polls on March 12. – Malaysiakini