Men in religious attire ignore doctor’s advice not to smoke in restaurant

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A group of men in religious attire received criticism from the netizens when a doctor posted on Facebook of them smoking at a food stall area in Kuala Lumpur recently.

Dr Noor Ameera Rahmat said the group sat right next to the doctor’s table where all her kids were present.

“We were eating peacefully with clear and fresh air but got interrupted by a group of men who just came back from the mosque wearing kopiah (head cover) blowing cigarette and vape smokes.

“How are we to improve with this kind of mentality?” she stressed.

Dr Ameera also mentioned she advised the men but was ignored, which led her to air her grouses online.


Although the post originally came from Facebook, it gained more than 400,000 views collectively across all social media platforms where members of the public slammed the selfish attitude portrayed by the men ignorant about their surroundings.

“Religious but immoral,” said netizen Hizam Sulaiman.

Others shared similar encounters in separate events of them being scolded back for standing up against rule breakers.

“I once told a cleaner at a mosque not to smoke within the premise, but he got mad at me, telling me he works here so he knows better,” said Izzul Hafiy Bin Zawawi.

Some questioned the reason behind the viral post, highlighting not to make big of the ordeal on social media despite the photo used was censored.

However, one user, Rahizat Zainal asserted the action and said, “It is indeed a need because our society has reached a point where it cannot be reprimanded.

This comment was made in relation to an altercation similar to a recent viral video of an elderly man who was furious when advised not to smoke in a restaurant.

The Health Ministry enforced a rule in January 2020 that eateries throughout the country are designated as non-smoking areas.

Those found smoking in prohibited areas will be charged a compound of RM250.

The ministry also noted the public should immediately report brazen offenders by taking a photo of anyone smoking in prohibited areas, name of restaurant, address, time and date before submitting it to the official hotline at +60108608949. – NST