MyPPP: Kayveas, You’re No Longer with Party

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On May 19, Tan Sri M Kayveas, who claimed the RoS confirmed he is still the party president, announced that MyPPP was leaving Barisan, which was refuted by the party’s deputy sec-gen who said Kayveas does not have the authority to make decisions as he was sacked by the party.

Acting president Datuk Seri Maglin D’Cruz maintained that Kayveas was no longer a member of MyPPP as of April 25.

He said he had instructed the party’s solicitors to commence action against the wrongful and illegal conduct of Kayveas, referring to the latter’s statement that MyPPP had decided to leave Barisan Nasional.

“I wish to state that to date, MyPPP has never made any decision to leave Barisan as a component party. The entire process of the disciplinary inquiry and the expulsion of Kayveas, including the right of appeal was conducted in compliance with the provisions of the articles of the party’s constitution.

“I am making this statement to clarify all misconception and misinformation being disseminated to the public and MyPPP members,” said D’Cruz.

He said any decision to leave the Barisan must be made with the consultation and agreement of the general assembly via an EGM or AGM.

D’Cruz said it was only just and fair that all MyPPP members had their say.

On Saturday, Kayveas claimed MyPPP has decided to leave Barisan while the seven top leaders of the party involved in the attempted takeover had been stripped of immediate membership.

Party deputy secretary-general Datuk Simon Sabapathy had said Kayveas did not have the authority to make decisions as he had been sacked. – The Star.