Najib: Putrajaya has failed if UN report is true

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If there is truth to the United Nations report on rising unemployment among low-income families then it is an indication that the government has failed, said former prime minister Najib Razak.


“I am extremely sad and angry after reading the report,” he said while referring to the Families on the Edge report by the UNICEF and UNFP.

Reiterating his stance on the movement curbs, Najib said a prolonged conditional movement-control order (CMCO) to curb the spread of the virus would have a more adverse impact than a short, but stringent, movement-control order (MCO).

He said the second MCO will be tougher to weather than the first one as many people and businesses would have already had their savings and reserves depleted by now, government aid would have also reduced, while there is no solution in sight to the rising cases.

“That is why I have suggested many times to the government to do a proper and stringent MCO and to disburse the necessary aid so that the impact is only short term and there is no need to extend (the movement curbs) time and again,” he said in a Facebook post.

“Don’t do a half-baked MCO full of leeway. But the government did not listen,” he added.

He also questioned the purpose of the “half-baked” MCO, which has been in force for the past 27 days, as new infections remained high while active cases have reached a record high of 51,241.

“Strange measures are being taken, such a travel green lane with Indonesia where the Covid-19 situation is no better than (in) Malaysia,” he added.

“I hope the speculation among the people that the government is purposely being complacent in MCO2.0 so that the Covid-19 cases remain high (as an excuse) to extend the MCO+Emergency is not true,” he said.

The Pekan MP said if this were the case, then it would be a great betrayal to the people, as their health and wellbeing are wilfully being put at stake.

He also hoped that the government would come forward to refute the findings of the report.

The report released today highlighted that unemployment among low-income families in Kuala Lumpur has doubled during the CMCO, re-imposed at the end of last year.

The third part of the joint study by United Nations agencies’ UNICEF and UNFP noted that unemployment among heads of households had doubled from 7% in September to 15% in December 2020.

Meanwhile, the overall unemployment in the households surveyed remained high with one in three adults being out of work.

Income levels among households headed by females and by persons with disabilities (PWD) fell by 24% and 36% respectively from the end of 2019. – TMI