Najib slams govt for one failed lockdown after another

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Today’s Covid-19 figures are proof of Putrajaya’s failure to contain the coronavirus despite the lockdown, former prime minister Najib Razak said.

On Facebook, the Pekan MP shared a screenshot of director-general of health Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah’s tweet on the infectivity rate (R-naught), which has risen to 1.04.

“Rates above the neutral level of 1.0 means new cases are rapidly rising,” Najib said.

Yesterday, daily cases in Malaysia shot up to 6,437.

The last time Malaysia reported more than 6,000 daily cases was on June 18 with 6,440 cases.

A total of 68,052 screenings were performed yesterday which returned a positivity rate of 9.46%.

Based on the recent Covid-19 statistics, Najib said yesterday’s positivity rate was the highest in the entire month of June.

He said he doubted the chances of daily cases dropping below 4,000.

“Is the government aware that the three indicators, namely new cases, infectivity rate and positivity rates are on the upward trend?


“So, what are the chances of daily cases falling below 4,000 for seven consecutive days so that the country can move on to Phase 2 of the national recovery plan (NRP) in the near future?” he said.

A full lockdown was enforced on June 1 as coronavirus cases soared.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced on June 15 that the country will exit the lockdown in four phases. To transition to phase 2, daily cases of Covid-19 must have dropped below 4,000; the occupancy rate of ICU beds must have returned to normal; and 10% of the population must have been fully inoculated against the disease.

To reach phase 3, daily cases must have dropped to below 2,000, which the prime minister said was expected to occur by the end of August. Transition to phase 4 is expected in October.

Until then, the lockdown is extended indefinitely.

Najib said the government had failed to contain the various in its various versions of lockdown.

“How many more times do you want to fail?” – TMI