Najib tells govt to admit it can’t manage Covid crisis

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Putrajaya needs to come out of its fantasy and admit it is having a problem managing the Covid-19 epidemic, said Najib Razak.

The ex-prime minister said it will be tough for the country, especially the frontliners in the coronavirus battle, if the government persists in fantasising.

“To solve a problem, you must first admit that you have a problem,” said Najib on Facebook today.


A sarcastic Najib said he is “excited” to hear from the government that the Covid-19 situation in the country is not bad at all.

“The number of cases is high because of large-scale screening; If that were the case, why are the Covid-19 deaths per capita here higher than those of our neighbours and among the highest in the world, beating even India?”

“(Is it because) More tests will cause many to die?” asked Najib.

He said Malaysia is the only country that has declared an emergency to suspend parliament under the pretext of trying to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

In fact, emergency rule has worsened the health crisis, he said.

“The situation is a thousand times worse since the implementation of the state of emergency seven months ago.”

More than 6,000 new infections and a record 87 virus deaths were reported yesterday.

The death toll now stands at 6,067. It was 2,796 at the start of the hard lockdown on June 1. – TMI