Netizens Express Disgust over PT3 Paper Leaks

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Netizens took to the social media to express outrage over the alleged Form Three Assessment (PT3) examination paper leak and what they perceived as the Education Ministry’s inaction over the issue.

Ghazali Kori/NST

The ministry’s Facebook was flooded with comments, urging for a thorough investigation to bring the culprits to justice.

Suraya Shahriman said it was clear that the exam papers were leaked, and that many candidates had had access to it before the examination.

“Yet, the Education Ministry said there is no need to re-sit.

“Have they conducted investigations on this matter? Dr Maszlee Malik, please do something about it.”

Junior Ho also called on the ministry to investigate the matter thoroughly and identify the culprits.

“Teach them a lesson so that it will not happen again. This is all about integrity. If no action is taken, it will not be fair to students who had studied hard. Moreover, those who leaked the exam papers will get bolder in future to cheat.

“Hopefully, the ministry has learned a lesson from this incident.”

Shahrizat Jailan said it broke her heart to see her daughter become dejected and demotivated upon discovering many of her friends had access to the leaked papers.

“These delinquents came out of the exam hall feeling happy because the questions which came out in the exam were exactly the same that had been leaked on Telegram groups.

“I wonder how the education ministry will ensure justice and accountability are not compromised,” she wrote.

Shahrizat said she told her daughter that whatever the results, she should be proud because she had done it the honest way.

Another user Carolynn Tan said the results for the on-going PT3 exam should not be taken into consideration to decide whether the students should pursue the arts or science streams.

“To be fair, teachers should arrange their streaming based on the PT3 trial results held earlier.”

However, some parents were relieved to hear that PT3 candidates need not have to re-sit the exams.

Facebook user Wai Fun Chow said the announcement was timely and a relief to parents.

“It (the announcement) eases the tension (of having to re-sit for the exam).”

Huiying Chieng said: “It’s okay (not to re-sit for the exam). PT3 is not like Penilaian Menengah Rendah. It is just an instrument to identify which stream they are suitable for.

“Those who cheated might have got what they wanted. But I seriously hope they will double their efforts to compete with those who get into the science stream on merit.

“Or else, they will just be a burden to the schools, their families and themselves.”

Ranjit Kaur commented; “Thanks KPM (Education Ministry). I hope only students who did not cheat will go to the science stream. The decision should be based on the PT3 trial exam.”

Meanwhile, a PT3 candidate by the name Hilarry Larry posted on Facebook; “The first good thing (of not having to re-sit for the exam) is paper is not being wasted.

“(But) how about candidates who had access to the leaked papers? It is unfair as their results might be better compared to us who had put in a lot of effort and time to prepare for PT3.”

Abdul Jalani wrote; “Don’t worry, fair or not…those who cheated during the exam will not survive after Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia. Trust me.”

Nur Azzura Zakariah also called on Hillary to not be bothered with those who had cheated.

“They chose to cheat because they did not have faith in themselves. If they get into the science stream next year, they will be in trouble.

“Hillary, stay focussed and do your best. Your are a student of high integrity. Be proud of yourself,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, the National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) has called on the public to allow a thorough investigation to be carried out by relevant authorities, and subsequently bring the culprit(s) to face the full brunt of the law.

Its secretary-general Harry Tan Huat Hock said any decision taken must be based on facts and for the good of the country.

“Nonetheless, we empathise with the parents and share our students’ anguish on the matter.

“We also urge the ministry to take all steps necessary to restore the public’s confidence in our teachers.”

The Malaysian Examination Syndicate personnel when contacted however refused to comment on the matter.

“As of now, please refer to the statement issued by the ministry yesterday.” – NST