New Video Dispels Claim Adib Hit by Fire Truck

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A new video has emerged showing how a fire truck backed into a Fire and Rescue Department van on the second night of rioting on Nov 27 near the Seafield Maha Mariamman Temple in Subang Jaya.

The video showed a fireman heading towards the back of the fire truck, shortly before it reversed, but backtracked.

The fire truck hit the van in a bid to escape rioters smashing at the vehicle but there was no one in between.

An earlier video of the same incident showed a fireman heading towards the back of the fire truck before panning away, shortly before the fire truck reversed.

This has led claims that the fireman was the late Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim and that his injuries were from an accident.

Authorities had said Adib was dragged out from his vehicle by rioters and beaten, causing him to suffer broken ribs and multiple organ injuries. He passed away on Dec 17.

The “hit by fire truck” theory was first raised by the Maha Mariamman Temple committee.

However, the committee’s chief Ramaji had since apologised, stating that he had only highlighted the first video for police to investigate and had not intended to cause pain to Adib’s grieving family.

In the early hours of Nov 26, a group of thugs allegedly hired by the developer that owns the land on which the temple sits had tried to take control of the building.

This led to a clash with Hindu devotees that escalated into rioting. The developer denied hiring thugs.

The following day, tens of thousands of supporters gathered near the temple in a show of support, but a second round of rioting broke out.

Adib was part of a Fire and Rescue Department team that tried to put out vehicles that were set ablaze by rioters.

Conspiracy theories about how Adib sustained his injuries began to circulate after Ramaji’s claim that a firefighter ran past a reversing fire truck.

After reviewing the photographs and videos of the incident, Malaysiakini found that the person allegedly “mowed down” was wearing a different outfit from Adib.

Adib, who was part of the emergency medical rescue unit, was wearing a regular camouflage uniform, while the person referred to by the caretaker wore a fire-resistant Nomex suit and helmet.

The Fire and Rescue Department said the person referred to was Mohd Hazim Mohd Rahimi, who was not hit by the fire truck. – Malaysiakini