No Minding of Manners on MRT

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MRT Corp’s Datuk Najmuddin Abdullah was right when he blasted on Facebook about parents having “Tiada kesopanan langsung (no manners at all)” the way they do not keep their children in check when using the new MRT facilities.

Netizens have slammed MRT users for irresponsible parenting while travelling on the brand new Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) Line.

The latest reactions were to pictures posted on Facebook showing a parent hanging a pink-coloured baby cradle on a train railing and another parent allowing his children to stand on the bench.

“Why not bring along a mattress and a comforter to the MRT?” Facebook user Nana Abd Rashid wrote, taking a jab at the pictures. 

“A child’s safety is a parent’s responsibility. What if there’s an emergency and the child fell down? That will definitely go viral and MRT will be blamed for it,” Nana said.

Another Facebook user echoed similar sentiments.

“Next time, bring along a rice cooker and a kitchen. Make the MRT your second home,” Facebook user AgusTiar Edward Taufik said.

“Benches are for sitting and they are definitely not for standing. Parents should always be aware of their children’s manners,” said Fatiha on her Facebook post.

Even from Day One, children have been seen climbing the Rukun Negara wall at the Merdeka station, with parents turning a blind eye.

Just a couple of days ago, MRT Corp strategic communications and stakeholder relations director Datuk Najmuddin Abdullah lamented on Facebook about vandalism and damage at the new stations.

Now, even graffiti is found on the new tiles.

Netizens have reacted with outrage, lashing out at vandals and litterbugs for their lack of respect for public facilities.

“The fact that vandalism happens is unfathomable and unacceptable,” 20-year-old student Ahmad Addin Abdul Aziz told the New Straits Times.

“You definitely would not trash your home and make it dirty, so why should you do it to public facilities.

“I am sure that MRT has installed sufficient CCTVs (closed-circuit television) cameras, but some irresponsible individuals will continue to vandalise,” Ahmad Addin said, adding MRT should find the culprits and punish them for their actions.

Student Nusyafiqah Mat Arif, 20, said it was everyone’s responsibility to take care of public facilities.

“Don’t walk away but immediately tell the culprit off,” Nusyafiqah said.

Netizens are calling for stricter enforcement of nabbing vandals and litterbugs, along with stiffer penalties on culprits.

According to Najmuddin, those caught vandalising would be charged under the Local Government Act 9 by-laws Vandalism 1991 and fined a maximum RM2,000 or imprisoned for not more than a year, if convicted.

He said they also could be charged under the Local Public Transport Commission Act 2010.