No Special Treatment for Actor Farid Kamil in Prison

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Actor and director Datuk Farid Kamil Zahari, who was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment in Kajang Prison will be treated no different than other prisoners.

According to Malay language news portal mStar who quoted a source from prison saying:

“Just like all the other inmates, Farid Kamil will be treated the same. There are no special treatment for artistes, famous people or people with high positions when they are in jail.”

Farid was sent to jail by the magistrate’s court here two days ago after being found guilty of using Tetra Hydrocannibol (THC).


Farid has now been placed in Kajang Prison for a week to undergo mandatory quarantine procedures.

After that, he will be moved to a shared cell in the drug treatment and rehabilitation division (RPD) within the prison’s complex, it was reported.

The RPD is a rehabilitation programme in the prison that uses a therapeutic community concept to help drug users.

It is understood that Farid will be wearing a red prison uniform for the next three months while he undergoes his rehabilitation.

The red uniform identifies him as a new inmate that has been sentenced to six months or more.

Additionally, Farid will also be under the supervision of the National Anti-Drug Agency for a two-year period. – MMO

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