Now, non-Chinese Malaysians can join MCA

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The MCA can now welcome Malaysians of ethnicities other than Chinese into its party.

The political party that had been Sino-centric all this while said the Registrar of Societies (RoS) had finally approved its 2019 proposed amendments to its constitution.

“The RoS has approved the proposed amendments to the MCA party constitution including participation of Affiliate Members, coordination of party election dates with the general election date and other proposals as approved in the 66th MCA Annual General Meeting (AGM).


“All these amendments take effect immediately,” MCA secretary-general Datuk Chong Sin Woon said in a statement issued yesterday.

Chong previously said in 2019 that the MCA constitution provided for the creation of affiliate organisations like an MCA Club, but did not have a provision for affiliate memberships.

He also said back then that MCA hopes to use the affiliate organisation platform to garner the support of not just Chinese Malaysians but all races in the country.

He added that the initiative would serve as a “transition period” or starting point for the Chinese-based MCA to turn multiracial as Malaysians have openly shown a distaste for racial politics over the years.

Chong said MCA’s other proposal, to lower the minimum age of its party membership to 16 years, is still being reviewed by the Home Ministry, which oversees RoS.

“The same answer was also given to other parties who also submitted similar suggestions,” he added.

The current membership age for MCA is 18.

Among other parties that submitted their proposals to amend membership age are Umno and MIC. – MMO