PKR grassroots protest dropping of Ginie Lim in Melaka polls

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PKR grassroots in Machap Jaya are making a last-ditch effort to get their central leadership to reverse a decision that dropped incumbent Ginie Lim as a candidate in the constituency.

“We, the branch chiefs, reject the nomination of Lau Beng Hau as the candidate for Machap Jaya.

“We reject him because he is not a winnable candidate, and he won’t be accepted in Machap Jaya.

“He does not have the support and machinery to face his opponents and his presence will break our support and cooperation with Lim (above),” all eight branch chiefs said in a joint statement.

The joint statement was issued after a meeting of Machap Jaya grassroots leaders last night.

Lim had in recent years raised the ire of the PKR central leadership.


Lim and Muhammad Jailani Khamis (Rembia) had in 2019 caused the nomination of Malacca PKR chief Halim Bachik as a senator to the Dewan Negara to be defeated.

Each state can nominate two senators to the Dewan Negara, which they must vote on in their respective state assembly.

Prior to the vote taking place in the Malacca state assembly, Lim and Jailani left the House, causing Harapan to fall short of a majority to approve the nomination.

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim had described the move as “unacceptable” and summoned them for a discussion.

Jailani later helped bring down the Harapan government to form the new Umno-Bersatu administration.

He will be fielded in Rembia by Umno, having previously won the seat under PKR.

However, Lim stuck with Harapan but was sidelined.

Despite the controversies, Lim has deep roots in Machap Jaya.

She first contested the seat in 2008 and despite losing by a 1,639-vote majority had continued to work the ground.

In 2013, she contested the seat again but lost by a 152-vote majority.

She won on her third attempt in 2018, garnering a 1,336-vote majority.

The Machap Jaya PKR branch leaders said they were disappointed that the central leadership had failed to listen to the grassroots’ voice.

“We appeal to Anwar as the PKR president and Harapan chairperson to consider reinstating the Machap Jaya candidate.

“We are confident that if Ginie Lim is nominated, Harapan can retain Machap Jaya and form the state government after being betrayed,” they said.

Meanwhile, Lim in a statement thanked her constituencies.

“From my first election in 2008 to the present, the people of Machap have guided me, nurtured me and given me the opportunity in 2018 to shoulder the heavy responsibility as the people’s representative.

“Words alone cannot express my deepest gratitude to my voters. My love for Malacca will not fade away,” she said.

Lim stressed that she will continue to back Harapan.

“Although I regret not being able to go into battle this time, I still adhere to my principles to reform the political system and continue campaigning for Harapan in the upcoming Malacca state election. This fire of Reformasi will never be extinguished,” she said.

Nomination day for the Malacca polls is tomorrow while polling day is Nov 20. – Malaysiakini