PM Under Fire over “Fed up with Politics” Comment

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Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin should stop deluding himself in saying the public are sick of politics, said DAP leader and Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy.

Ramasamy said Malaysians could be sick of politics due to the manner in which Muhyiddin took over the federal government.

“He should really speak for himself and how he took office through a clandestine putsch, unseating the legitimate government of Pakatan Harapan that he was part of.

“Yes, Malaysians might be sick of politics but not what Muhyiddin has in mind.

“With the Covid-19 pandemic, people expect the government in power, that is Perikatan Nasional, whether backdoor or front door, to do the job in mitigating the worst effects of the crisis,” he said in a statement today.

“I am sure Muhyiddin has not forgotten about this putsch and he should ask himself whether the vast majority of Malaysians are happy with this turn of events.

“Aren’t Malaysians sick of the treachery by Muhyiddin and his team who had no qualms about embracing political parties and some of their leaders who were heavily involved in the 1MDB corruption scandal?”

He was referring to Muhyiddin’s remarks in an interview with Astro Awani and RTM yesterday that curbing the Covid-19 pandemic was his main concern, not politics.


“People are fed up with politics. They don’t want to hear about it,” said the prime minister.

Muhyiddin added that since he became prime minister, he has not thought about politics.

That is why, he said, he had in any of his statements brought up political issues.

“The people don’t want to hear about it. What they want to know is what the government and the ministers are doing to curb the Covid-19 issue they are facing.

“The people might say that ‘Covid-19 has yet to be resolved and he is talking about his party, about the coalition and other matters’,” he said in responding to questions of legitimacy of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

Online criticism

Ramasamy was not the only one to slam the prime minister, as some Malaysians took to social media and online site to air their grievances.

Jeffrey Ng, commenting in The Malaysian Insight, said the prime minister should stop his lies.

“Stop all those really unwarranted appointment of stupid positions with rubbish ministerial level and political secretary…and stop all those distribution of aid only to PN area.”

Almost all the comments on The Malaysian Insight’s Facebook posting of the story were critical of Muhyiddin.

Here are some of them:

Mohd Nor Bin Idrus: “Cakap saja. Reality is lot of politicking taking place. They know that you are there because of their support. Once they had enough voice, they would topple you.”

William Tay: “Don’t play politics but he himself plays. Sack all former GLC posts and put in PN supporters. Is this not politics?”

Adam Sole: “Stop replacing people then, reduce the number of the ministers, no deputies, it can feed thousands.”

Gan Kian Leong: “But why so busy appointing political secretaries, GLC chairmen, special envoy to the Middle East, China (ministerial level), etc”

Yeen Laichuan: “Who’s playing politics if not your ministers? No one is above the law but VIPs are above the law.”

Skyler Skyler: “No politics? Make sure leaders/lawmakers who violated the MCO will be charged accordingly like the others. Daughter of a political party president too.”

Likewise, Twitter users too were not impressed with Muhyiddin’s remarks.

CC @CCHomosapiens: “What? Did he just say that? Who plays politics at first? PN is like coronavirus. We never want it, it falls on our laps, and we have to deal with it.”

Mary Anne @annjamesbond: “Rakyat sick of your politics, replacing professional GLC heads with clueless PN ministers, irresponsibly ignoring PN politicians who openly flout MCO laws but get off scot-free.” – TMI