Police report lodged against FB user for malicious content on archbishop

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A civil society group lodged a report today urging police to bring to book the owner of a Facebook account called Hud Hud Crew for uploading a “malicious” video that alleged Catholic Archbishop Julian Leow had wanted to cause disharmony between Christians and Muslims.

North-South Initiative (NSI) executive director Adrian Pereira said the contents on the Hud Hud Crew Facebook page were seditious, defamatory and a factual misrepresentation to create tension between the races, especially Christians and Muslims.

“They should not be pitting the followers of one religion against the other,” Pereira told The Malaysian Insight.

NSI is a youth-adult partnership aiming to build synergy between the north and south in addressing human rights, social justice and sustainable development issues.

“I made this report because in Leow’s speech, he did not insult any religion or race,” he said, adding that the report was lodged at the Petaling Jaya police station.

He was commenting on a Facebook video in which Leow could be heard addressing the congregation, believed to be at the St Francis Xavier Church in Petaling Jaya, in 2014.

The post by Hud Hud Crew, said Leow was speaking of a 25-year plan against Muslims.

The post titled “Rahsia Besar: Rakaman Perancangan 25 Tahun Archbishop Katolik Kuala Lumpur Untuk Rebus Orang Islam Seperti Merebus Katak”, alleged Leow had used an analogy of boiling frogs to describe his plan to pressure Muslims in the country.

Nazir Sufari/TMI

Leow had allegedly said when a frog was thrown into boiling water, it would immediately react and jump out but when placed in cold water in a pan on top of a fire, the frog will remain quiet while it is being cooked.

In the post, Hud Hud Crew said the video footage was handed to them by a member of the church congregation who did not want to be named.

In his report, Pereira said the comments from the creators and authors of the Hud Hud Crew smelled of threats, incitement, warnings and hostility between various races.

This, he said, was mixed with criminal elements such as threats to the safety of the office of Leow, church institutions, and Christians in the country.

“The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission should also immediately investigate which party edited, created, wrote scripts on clearly threatening the peace and harmony of Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, Catholic Lawyers’ Society of Kuala Lumpur president Godfrey Thomas Fernandez said the society will also lodge a police report against Facebook user Hud Hud Crew tomorrow.

“We want police to carry out investigations against Hud Hud Crew, the uploading of the video and comments uploaded on the same Facebook page.

“We also want the police to investigate the post where they (Hud Hud Crew) gave their own interpretation of the archbishop’s speech, which was only an extract and not the full speech.” – TMI