Sabah DAP blasts Warisan – ‘May two frogs be the last’

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Sabah DAP lambasted Warisan for accepting two defectors into its fold and warned that Warisan could not be trusted since it accepted traitors and openly courted Umno.

Welcoming the anti-hopping bill that will be tabled in Parliament on April 11, it said it would be a notable milestone for Malaysia’s democracy as it is a bipartisan effort to end all political frogs once and for all.

“Sabahans understand more than anyone as we’ve encountered numerous betrayals from political frogs.

“The unethical party-hopping culture has brought enormous damage to Sabah since the downfall of the PBS government in 1994 until today. This culture must be swept out forever for the sake of Sabah and Malaysia’s future,” said Sabah DAP in a statement.

The party’s leadership expressed the wish that Sri Tanjong assemblyperson Justin Wong Yung Bin and Elopura assemblyperson Calvin Chong, who resigned from DAP in January, would be the last elected representatives to desert their parties.

The duo submitted their party membership forms during a press conference led by Warisan president Shafie Apdal in Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

“Sabah DAP wishes that both Chong and Wong would be the last batch of political frogs before the implementation of the anti-hopping law.

“May the law restore justice to the people’s mandate and public confidence.

“We’re used to political frogs giving excuses to justify their decision. Since the Sheraton Move, all political frogs, including Muhyiddin Yassin and Azmin Ali, justified that they defected for the people.

“These political frogs are similar, they would then criticise and condemn their former party but the people are smart,” it added.

The party leaders said they would leave it to the wisdom of the people to determine the political future of those who deserted and also to vote for those who supported a democratic, principled and clean Sabah.

“As for Warisan, ever since they contested in Pakatan Harapan seats in Johor, accepting political frogs of the DAP and is now openly seeking partnerships with Umno, this has revealed their true agenda that they are no longer part of the opposition,” the leaders added.

They said the recent Malacca and Johor polls showed that Umno’s hegemony has returned.

“We’ve reiterated numerous times that only a united opposition will stand a chance to defeat and stop Umno once again. However, the current situation is pessimistic and disappointing.

“Shafie was once a top leader in Umno and clearly understood the consequences of Umno returning with its hegemony. If we continue to be divided, Umno’s return to power in Sabah is only a matter of time,” they said. – Malaysiakini