Spore PM’s Sis-in-Law’s Photo Used in FB Ad for Dating Site

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Unwelcome attention on Facebook, with Suet Fern’s photo inexplicably used in an ad for a dating site and son Huanwu hailed as a champion for the LGBT community after his post declared his support for Pink Dot.

While the siblings of Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong were once hugely private, the recent family feud has put them under the glare of the public spotlight.

Now, not only is younger brother Lee Hsien Yang famous for his Facebook posts but his wife and son have gotten themselves some unexpected attention unrelated to the family house in dispute.

Sien Yang’s wife, Lee Suet Fern has had her photo used in a Facebook ad for a dating site.

KF Seetoh/Facebook

The screenshot was posted on the Facebook profile of Singapore food guru KF Seetoh.

A Google search of ‘Lee Suet Fern’ will show a similar photo as that used in the ad. The same photo was also used in her profile on the website of law firm Morgan Lewis & Bockius, where she was a managing partner until she stepped down last month.

Morgan Lewis website

As to who is the troll and what is the objective of such a distasteful prank on the mother of three grown sons are unknown.

Hsien Yang and Suet Fern’s son, Li Huanwu, recently declared his support for Pink Dot over Facebook, instantly becoming a champion for the LGBT community in Singapore. Reportedly, some Singaporeans were quite scandalised.

Li Huanwu/Facebook

It almost seems like the family and Facebook have some strange connection that spawns controversy.