Small Comfort for Nhaveen Killers

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The Malaysian Bar assured the families of the accused in the Nhaveen murder case that they would receive legal representation.

KE Ooi/Malay Mail

The families of the accused in the Nhaveen murder case had alleged that they could not find legal representation, claiming that the legal fraternity had abandoned them amid hostile public sentiment over the high-profile case.

According to Malaysian Bar president George Varughese, the court will appoint a counsel for the four teenagers who were charged yesterday with the murder of T Nhaveen in Penang.

“In all cases where capital punishment is imposed on conviction, the Court will assign a counsel to represent the accused,” SAID THE MALAYSIAN BAR PRESIDENT.

“Thus all the accused in respect of Nhaveen’s murder will be afforded legal representation during the trial,” he told Malay Mail Online yesterday.

George refuted claims made by a brother of one of the suspects, who had said that no lawyer wanted to represent the group.

“We don’t know how many lawyers have been approached by the families and how many declined, it is also not right to assume that no lawyer wants to represent them,” he said.

J Ragesuthen and S Gokulan, both 18, and two juveniles – one aged 16 and the other 17 – were charged yesterday with murdering Nhaveen, an offence that carries a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.

The four teenagers were also charged with causing grievous hurt to Nhaveen’s friend, T Previin.

A Sessions Court judge instructed the accused to apply to the Legal Aid Council for legal representation.

Meanwhile Penang police said the fifth suspect behind Nhaveen’s death would be a witness for the prosecution.