Source: Five of Sivakumar’s officers sacked

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The source also confirmed that another officer has been transferred out of the ministry to the Public Service Department, FMT reported.

The portal also reached out to Sivakumar for confirmation.

It has been reported that two aides of Sivakumar and a recruitment agent were arrested by the MACC in connection with a case involving the quota for foreign worker recruitment, which is under the purview of the Human Resources Ministry.

Pressure has been mounting on Sivakumar to go on leave pending investigations into the case.

However, many have come out in his defence, saying that he is not tied to the investigations. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has also said there is no need for the minister to take leave.

Sivakumar has said he would follow Anwar’s wishes.


Asked what was his response to repeated calls for him to quit, Sivakumar told the New Straits Times: “The PM has already answered that question. Let it be. Let the PM decide on it.” – NST