Stop provoking Penang on water issue, Ramasamy tells Sanusi

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Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor should stop threatening Penang with flow of muddy water from Sg Muda if it refuses to pay raw water charges, said P Ramasamy.

The Penang deputy chief minister reiterated the state’s stand that it would not pay raw water charges since water for Penang was drawn from the lower end of Sg Muda, which is within its boundary.

He dismissed Sanusi’s claims that the raw water belonged to Kedah, and as such should be paid for.

“Sanusi should not waste time in provoking the state government of Penang.

“Despite Kedah boasting of being the source of water supply to Penang, many parts of Kedah are without water during the current dry spell.

“As they say, charity begins at home,” said the DAP leader.

Ramasamy and Sanusi have been in an ongoing war of words in recent months over a number of issues, including the use of water as well as Hindu temple demolitions in the PAS-controlled state.

This latest rebuke from Ramasamy comes after Sanusi warned that Kedah was planning to embark on a number of projects that might consume much water, and following that the flow of clean water in Sg Muda might be affected.

He had said that if that was the case, then Penang might have no choice but to put up with muddy or murky water.


However, he added that if Penang made a contribution to Kedah for water consumption, then the flow of clean water in the river might not be affected.

Ramasamy also said that Penang was already looking at alternative sources of water, including the possibility of extracting raw water from Sg Perak and some rivers in Penang.

“This, not to mention the future possibility of the conversion of sea water and the need to conserve rainwater,” he said. – TMI